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Happy Day of Colourful Dressage, Results and Some Photos!

The bright sunshine added a touch of sparkle to the smiles of our riders at Northside’s unofficial dressage competition on Sunday.

A rainbow of bright colours shone throughout the grounds as both horses and riders entered the arenas for our first post-COVID competition! It was clear that many of our members have been quietly working away during lockdown, diligently training their techniques and forming deeper partnerships with their horses.

We had people on new horses, old horses with new riders, people riding their first test or their first test at a new level and many first time ribbon winners. Regardless, everyone walked away with a smile on their face having had a spectacular day out.

Special thanks to our judges Michelle Becchio, Justin Bayly, Kelly Morrow, Kay Barney and Sue Birch for providing such encouraging feedback to our riders. We are really looking forward to holding another competition soon so stay tuned for updates!

Thank you to Terrey Hills Take Away for generously sponsoring Dressage - drop in and grab a coffee, a sandwich and some delicious food from Toula and her team!

Happy riding from the Dressage Team - Lisa , Danielle, Jo and Amelia

Results can be downloaded here! Well done everyone. Please note placings are to the right of the percentage - on the right hand side of page.

Download PDF • 165KB

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