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Inaugural Northern Sydney ODE

The Inaugural Northern Sydney ODE had such an awesome turnout. All volunteers, riders, and horses that braved the weather for all phases as competitors and a mix of rounds for training all had bucket loads of fun (water in the XC phase). 

Despite being Halloween, Saturday kicked off at Northside Riding Club, in the Princess Anne Arena really well with no tricks and sunny weather. Everyone was treated to beautiful Dressage and Showjumping rounds with talented horses/ponies and their riders flying high and dancing together. 

Sunday started off swimmingly, we were all literally swimming but competitors and horses alike knew that the task at hand was to focus as so many jumps became unexpected water jumps and all of the horses took it in their stride and sailed their way through the beautiful course at Forest Hills Pony Club. 

Although the weather was indecisive all riders and horses went home safely at the end of a fun weekend!

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