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Meet our 2022 Sponsors

As our community know Northside Riding Club is run by volunteers and sponsors and therefore we are very privileged to have our 2022 sponsors onboard. These valuable sponsors are prominent in our horse community and we can't wait for you to meet them.

So, without further ado NRC would like to introduce our 2022 sponsors.

Dressage; our newest sponsor for NRC is Fixine for Equine. For anyone who is not familiar with their product line, Fixine for Equine is a live and fresh probiotic blend with a natural carrier agent. It is made right here in New Zealand and is certified organic.

Show Jumping; Australian Equine Institute.

The Australian Equine Institute offers online equine courses, or horse courses in Australia. The online courses offered are perfect for individuals wanting to work with horses, obtain an online horse certificate or study horses in school as a horse VET course. If you want to be a horse-riding instructor, learn about horse safety or horse first aid- contact them for further information.

Combined Training; MC Equestrian Riding School. For anyone who is not familiar with MC Equestrian Riding School we highly recommend a visit. MC Equestrian Riding School is a passionate riding school dedicated to horses and coaching riders. MC Equestrian Riding School prides itself on improving your horsemanship and enabling you to become a confident horse rider. We cater for all ages and abilities. Located in Terrey Hills Sydney - and better yet MC Equestrian Riding School is now offering lessons Sunday mornings.

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