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Very Happy Riders at the Jeremy Janjic Clinic Today!

Jeremy Janjic has been holding clinics at Northside for a while now. Jeremy is an extremely well liked and extremely positive coach who absolutely gets results for every single one of his riders. Jeremy trains horses from starting them under saddle thought to the accolades of training and competing several to Grand Prix, including the well known and very loved Django of Cacharel.

Today, was especially successful - almost all riders actually messaged or phoned me to say what an amazing lesson they just had. Each rider came away with a massive achievement - and from horses and riders of all stages - one 5yo recently broken in and starting his ridden career out and about, another one progressing up the levels of dressage and achieving more collection then ever before and a third just beaming after some marked improvements in their combination all together.

Happy Riders, Happy Day!!

Thank you Jeremy!


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