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Northside runs four dressage arenas on each competition day. We offer Prep though to Advanced competition.


How to Enter

Entries for the competitions are done through Global Entries On-Line (



Results from the day will be emailed out to all competitors and also uploaded onto our facebook page.



Dressage days require a MASSIVE volunteer effort

These are the roles available and we NEED you and love your support.

  • Penciller

  • Runner

  • Caterer

  • Scorer and scorer helper

  • Para assistant

  • Results organiser

  • Gear Steward

  • Club House assistant


See our volunteers page for more info on our two new exciting volunteer reward programs


On the Day

On the day of the event make sure you arrive in plenty of time to settle your horse and check which arena your class is being held in. A gear check is required before each test. All competitors must present to the gear steward prior to entering the warm up arena on the Princess Anne Arena. Remember, if you are doing more than one test, you need to re-present for gear check before your other tests also as failure to gear check may result in elimination.


In the warm up arena, the following basic practice’s should be followed: Pass left hand to left hand when meeting another rider coming in the opposite direction and if you are in walk always give way to horses trotting or cantering. Make sure you halt off the track and only enter when the entrance is clear.


When you are ready for your test and the rider before you has finished, you can ride around the outside of the arena for a short while before you enter. You should be mindful of riding too close to the arena next to yours while another horse is competing as it could upset both the horse and rider during their test. If the test is Associate, present to the Judge with your Rider and Horse name. If you are competing in Official competition a bridle number needs to be attached to each side of the horse – either on the bridle or saddle blanket. For official tests you do not have to stop and report to the judge, but remember to ride clearly in front of the judge before entering the arena so they can see your bridle number clearly.  When you have presented and head back towards A, the judge will sound a horn or ring a bell to tell you to start. You have 45 seconds from the sound of the bell or horn to enter the arena at A.


You are welcome to have a friend call or video your test. If you make a mistake or forget your way, try not to stress, the judge will sound the horn and help you back on your way. Remember, you will only lose marks for that one movement and you have the rest of the test to make up for it.  Once you have finished your test, remember the care and welfare of your horse is paramount so you should tend to his/her needs first and foremost. Test Papers and ribbons can be collected at the clubhouse once your class has finished. If you have a question about something on your paper and your judge is still around, don’t be worried about approaching them and talking to them. Overall, remember - enjoy yourself, enjoy your horse and make sure you have fun!!


Dress Code

Competition attire from Preliminary to Elementary Levels should include white/off white/light jodphurs or breeches, a short black or navy coat, long or short black or brown riding boots, an approved safety helmet, gloves, tie, stock or ratcatcher. Spurs, whips, gaiters and monkey grips are optional although whips must not exceed 1.2m. For Medium level riders have the option of wearing a top hat and a double bridle however a hard hat must be worn if the horse is under 7 years of age. For Advanced level, as well as the top hat and double bridle, a tail coat can be worn.

Other Info

You don’t need to be an EA member to compete in Associate Dressage Competitions however you do need to be an NRC member for insurance purposes if you choose to compete at NRC. You do need to be an EA member, have your horse EA registered and have a Dressage Performance Card if you wish to compete in Official Dressage Competitions.

Criteria for Dressage Awards and Championships

Please find all of the Northside Riding Club criteria for Dressage Awards and Championships here. 


Important Dressage Links:

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