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2023 Full Membership                       $106.00
Para Equestrian Membership           $5.30
Additional Family Members 

Welcome to 2023!


Northside Riding Club is an excellent community for all horse people in the great Sydney region. This year please note if you were a 2022 member you will receive 30% off your 2023 membership. 


- The NRC membership runs for a full calendar year January - December

Riders can join from the age of 5.

- You cannot renew your membership or join at an event, you must join prior.

- Riders must bring their own horse (Northside is not a riding school).

- You must be an Equestrian Australia or Northside Riding Club member to compete at our events for insurance purposes. Please see more        information about insurance below.

- Please note all members will need to help out / be a volunteer at events for at least 4hrs over the year. Many awards will require volunteer       hours for eligibility. 

Northside Riding Club is an Equestrian Australia affiliated club. This enables Northside to run official competitions and provides endless resources and support.


Insurance is one area of support. Please read the affiliated club policy information here and here


It is important to note that Northside Riding Club membership does not provide personal accident insurance and Northside strongly reccomends that all competitors also hold Equestrian Australia membership - which does come with personal accident insurance.

For more information please visit this link and to join Equestrian Australia (NSW) please visit this link

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