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In-Memorium of J-Alice Hofler

She was a proud New Yorker, Aussie and joked often about her Jewish Cherokee heritage. 


A brilliant Editor, from a family of strong and talented horsewomen.

She told wonderful stories of her youth riding her Lippizanners, showing and Hunting a brilliant string of horses in the USA.

She migrated and started a new life in Australia. She was incredibly proud of her homebred "Jayholm" quarterhorse crosses "Charlie and Casey" whom she rode to FEI and also won the Australian Quartehorse High Point Horse of the year.


She attended so many Olympics games that her hat had run out of room for the pins she collected.

She was opinionated like any good New Yorker , was a fountain of knowledge on a multitude of subjects, well-traveled and well-read and above all else a truly dedicated horsewoman who gave much to the sport over the years...she was a Dressage Judge, volunteer, and rider till she wasn't able to get up on her beloved horses any more.

She was an active member of many Dressage Clubs and traveled extensively with her horses. She was a solitary person but was a larger than life character and doesn't deserve to slip away quietly without acknowledgment. She would like to be remembered in 'words' as they were always her 'champion'.

So J, know you are remembered by so many in our community, with all your quirks and foibles..your laughter and cooking of rich cakes, your giving of small gifts, your storytelling and bad jokes and for mostly loving your horses and being a fabulous horsewoman.

Words by Michelle Becchio

11 September 2019.

Images provided by Michelle Becchio
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