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MC Equestrian Riding School 2024

Updated: Mar 5

NRC is very grateful to have MC Equestrian Riding School back as the sponsor for Northside Riding Club Combined Training. We wanted to introduce MC Equestrian Riding School 2024 properly!

At Mc Equestrian Riding School we are passionate about horses and teaching. With over 30 years of experience, MC Equestrian Riding School prides itself on improving your horsemanship and enabling you to become a confident rider. You may be a total beginner, an adult looking to get back in the saddle, a guardian looking for a safe, strong development program for your child, or preparing for horse ownership - MC Equestrian Riding School is the place for you.Situated in picturesque Terrey Hills Sydney, a 35 min drive from the CBD, featuring calm well-schooled horses and great facilities. Get in touch today!

Dee McVicker has been a passionate horse rider since she was a child. Trained and educated in the UK, Dee started managing riding schools many years ago when she moved to Australia. Her dream was to pass on her extensive knowledge and love of horses to others to enable them to one day own their own horse. In 2019 she moved to Sand Dancing at 101 Booralie Rd, Terrey Hills, just north of the Sydney CBD and MC Equestrian Riding School began. With the aim of teaching children and adults horsemanship skills and perfecting their horse riding abilities in order to progress to leasing their own horses then moving into horse ownership.

Anyone with the time and inclination is more than welcome to join their horsey community! Everyone pitches in maintaining the property, taking care of the horses and learning how a stable is managed.

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